Mental Strength Detailed Profile + 60 Minutes Coaching

5,000.00 Incl. All Taxes

Purchasing this would give  you access to our Mental Strength Profile Questionnaire. Once you answer all the questions you would get an instant results page which would give your scores for each of the Categories that define your mental strength.

In the meantime our experts would work on your results and we would send you your detailed Mental Strength Profile within 48 business hours.

Plus, we would fix up a video call with you and give you a 60 minutes session where the expert would give you feedback and suggestions on your improvement areas.


The Mental Strength Profile (MSP) was created to meet a very tangible need in the occupational world. It sought to respond to four questions increasingly at the front of the minds of most senior managers:

  • Why is it some people handle stressors, pressure and challenge well and others don’t?
  • Can we measure where people have strengths and weaknesses in these matters?
  • Can we do something to improve “mental toughness” in people to improve their performance?
  • Can we evaluate the effectiveness of interventions which are all claimed to be effective?

The MSP is a 48 item questionnaire which takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is:

  • Extremely easy to use. The questionnaire uses a 5 point Likert scale to capture responses. The test is available in on-line format or paper and pencil format.
  • Accessible. The reading age for the item databank is 9+ years of age. Language in the reports is such that the reports can be read and understood by those who are not trained psychologists.
  • Quick. Test results are processed immediately on line and expert reports are immediately available.
  • Cost Effective. The price structure enables users to be relaxed about frequent use of the measure.
  • User Friendly Report. Several expert reports are available to the test user.