Mental Strength Test – Free

Mental Toughness is a phrase often used to describe one’s ability to get through difficult circumstances or perform well under pressure. However there is more to mental toughness than just adversity in the face of challenges.

There are four main components of mental toughness:

  • Commitment / Motivation
  • Concentration / Focus
  • Control Under Pressure
  • Confidence / Self-Belief

Although some people seem to have a natural talent in some of these components, there is no doubt that psychological skills can be learned to create greater Mental Toughness in anyone.


Check How Mentally Tough you are….

Tick the statements that you feel are true for you. Your honest response will help identify the different mental skills that you need to improve.

1.I feel I give up to easily when I have more to give
2.I find it hard to refocus on the next challenging situation after a poor performance
3.I don’t really set monthly goals for myself
4.I regularly set unrealistic goals and then feel upset when I don’t achieve them
5.I don’t set goals for upgrading my skills/ re-skilling myself
6.When I am having a bad day I just can’t seem to “hang in there”
7.I am unable to control distracting thoughts when I am working under pressure
8.I can’t stay focused on my tasks when I have other distractions in my life
9.I am affected by how other teams perform
10.I can’t push through and work outside my comfort zone
11.I lose concentration regularly throughout a long deadline based task/project
12.I regularly focus on how others are doing within office and/or competitors
13.I lose focus on what I have to do when under pressure
14.The more pressure there is during a task/project, the less I enjoy it
15.I don’t know how to relax when the pressure gets high
16.I make poor decisions under pressure
17.I lose control of my emotions when the going gets tough
18.I become negative during difficult situations
19.I don’t feel I am getting the most out of my talent and skills
20.When I fail to reach my goals, it makes me feel like a failure
21.I find it hard to overcome self-doubts when they creep in to my mind
22.I lose belief in myself after a poor performance
23.I regularly lack belief in my abilities to achieve my goals
24.I can’t see myself reaching my goals