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The TUF Tribe
- 5 Minutes Daily

Want to Live a Better


I want to empower you to become the architect of your own happiness, success & life. Because when you feel better, you live more.

After listening to too many self improvement podcasts, you may find yourself disillusioned by the advice — because, let’s be real, not all of us feel better after taking a cold shower. I don't make unrealistic promises & know how you feel. I believe that feeling overwhelmed by self-help advice can be alienating and risks driving you even further from the life changes you want to make.

At time, we all kind of know, deep down, when we’re resisting something, we’re resisting it because we already know the answer — and we don’t like it.

That's where 5-Minutes Daily comes in...

5-Minutes Daily might sound like those other self-help podcasts, but below the surface, the show is a toolkit of well-intentioned, gimmick-free advice.

Be awesome at being yourself.

Will You Be The Next Success Story?

We all know people that have “made it” in life, despite obstacles or major changes that might have prevented them from achieving their goals. What most of these people have in common is a desire to tackle major life changes with the mindset that growth will occur regardless of the outcome.

Are You Ready for a

Whole New life?


Your Potential is Calling !!!

Life is too precious not to make the most of it! At The TUF Tribe you'll have the support you can count on to be sure you're learning, growing, and becoming the best person you can possibly be.

There is nothing more meaningful than a living a life that makes a difference. If you're like us and also want to make an impact on this world, then the first life you'll need to change is your own. In developing strong habits, mindsets, and relationships you will realize that you have so much more to give others.

You've heard it before: Consistency is KEY

For almost 10 years I have been working with people to help them realise their true potential and navigate through their transformation journey.

Come be a part of "The TUF Tribe" and see what you're truly capable of!




My Hope, My Desire, My Aim...

That you leave each episode feeling more joyful, energetic, and focused on your journey.

Let's Be Better Together!

Sometimes self-improvement can be hard, but you're not alone!

Broaden your perspective and have your voice heard by thousands! That's right, the audio from The TUF Tribe Calls is shared on the 5-Minutes Daily podcast!

“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?”

I believe that an unstoppable mindset can be your #1 success tactic. So, my job is to lead you back to yourself and to help you reprogram the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you small.

"The TUF Tribe - 5 Minutes Daily" is your go-to resource for learning, growing, and becoming a successful person. Whether you’ve been listening since day one, or you just discovered the podcast, you’ll find that these episodes will change your life if you let them.

Are You Coming?

The life of your dreams is one click away.

Your brain is the most powerful thing you have in the world. Everything you do, and the results you create, are all caused by the thoughts within your brain.

When you learn to manage your mind, you’ll be blown away at what you’re able to create and how easy it is to build the exact life you’ve always wanted.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

The TUF Tribe - 5 Minutes Daily is a personal development podcast focused on exploring the day-to-day behaviours we all engage in that determine the results we gain in our lives.

Hosted by Vikaas Kausshik, we share simple strategies you can implement into your life to start moving the needle towards your biggest goals.

We believe that the personal development process is unique for everyone and requires a personal approach. That's why our podcasts help people improve their lives through data-driven decision-making and a personalized approach to behaviour change.

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