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You are in the right place. 

And you are more powerful than you know.

  1. You are a brilliant visionary.

Your vision’s power can be detrimental to your success because you dream so big that you become overwhelmed. When you have so many options, the paradox of choice can make it difficult to start each new project.

  1. You have exponential success.

Despite those around you’s admiration, it doesn’t always feel like you’ve had to work that hard for everything you’ve accomplished. It is easy to misinterpret the nature of rapid attainment, so you can feel like you are hiding a “dirty little secret”. Many of the highest-achieving people on the planet judge themselves for being ‘lazy’.

  1. You have deep, competing commitments that surface as you become more successful.

Deep commitments and values motivate your drive for success. When you don’t follow through on what you say you’re committed to, it’s a sign that there’s a stronger, competing commitment to which you’re unknowingly committed.

  1. You become at ease in the Gray Zone.

The Gray Zone is a runner’s pace that is too fast for recovery and too slow for growth. This pace can feel like a strenuous workout. However, running in this zone on a consistent basis will result in a decrease in performance.

The danger for a high performer is that your Gray Zone produces so much more than the average person that there is a strong temptation to underperform without even realising it.

  1. You are an exceptional problem solver.

You have a finely tuned ability to scan the horizon for “danger,” and your proclivity for problem solving means that challenges and threats energise you. As a result, you tend to avoid things like taxes, relationships, and income until they become a problem. You also have difficulty focusing on long-term goals.

  1. You strive for perfection.

The greater your success and income, the greater the pressure to maintain that level of success. Because the barrier to starting each subsequent project is re-set to an even higher level based on the rewards of your previous project, the barrier to starting each subsequent project becomes unbearably high.

  1. You are forward-thinking.

Keeping your focus firmly on the future allows you to act immediately when you have an idea. But you rarely take the time to notice the impact of those déjà vu challenges that seem to resurface time and again.

8. You don’t require assistance.

No, you don’t. What you produce astounds people. You are one of the most successful people you know. And you most emphatically do not require assistance. So you’re missing your own personal support group.

  1. You miss out on hearing the “truth”.

The higher you rise, the more difficult it can be to open up to those around you. And the higher you rise, the more difficult it is for those around you to speak their truth. Top performers frequently have few people in their lives who are willing to say exactly what they need to hear.

I’m frequently the only person in my clients’ lives who isn’t here to please them. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I’m not going to let your fears stop you. Your’stories’ will not convince me. And I’m not going to believe your nonsense. I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll say something that no one else in your world will. And I’ll do so in a genuine and vulnerable manner.