Design Your Vision in 12 Dimensions of Life and Achieve what is

Most people only focus on improving their career, wealth, health, and relationships - but in reality there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness and true fulfilment.

With Sujivita Adhyaya (SA), you'll discover how to thrive in each of the 12 dimensions of life without compromising one area for another.

30th & 31st January 2021 (Registrations Closed)
27th & 28th February 2021 (Delhi)

13th & 14th March 2021 (Jim Corbett National Park)

“These uncertain times.”

It is the biggest cliché in the world today- and for good reason.

Everyone knows about the adverse social, political, and economic impact of recent pandemic.

But beneath the surface, you may have also felt a more personal sense of disempowerment or disconnection from your goals and vision.

If you’re like so many others who are perplexed, the path ahead may not be as clear as it once was. And some of your dreams & goals - career, financial, lifestyle, etc. - may seem either out of reach, or impossible without some painful compromises.

What if, even in the face of uncertainty and disruption, you could not only sustain your clarity of vision - but also strengthen and Elaborate it further?

This is what you gain from SUJIVITA ADHYAYA: a deeply optimized lifestyle design system that empowers you to look & search within and envision, design and achieve your ultimate life goals. It doesn't matter what’s happening in the world around you.

SUJIVITA ADHYAYA gives you the keys to resolute clarity, fulfilment, abundance, love, growth, and wellbeing on your terms.

It also allows you to break free from all external influences or circumstances - so you can get in the driver’s seat of your life, and chart your own path.


Remember that you can be pushed towards a vision, in which case you need motivation and that probably means that the vision is not really for you or your own. Or you can be pulled by a vision in which case there is so much joy in relentlessly pursuing that vision that you cannot help but be successful getting to that vision.


But there is a dark side to this. You can be so pulled by a vision, because it’s so important to you… its so important to the world, that we forget everything else. And this is why if you actually look at the statistics of many people who are leaders in their own industries they are having issues with their kids… they have lost their bond… they have addiction issues… they find it difficult to sleep with help of a pill… they have health issues… relationships are falling apart…

This program is about how you can have a vision that pulls you and also how you can stay true to that vision while still being conscious of all the other dimensions of your life. This program would ensure that you are conscious of growing all the other dimensions of you life along with growing and achieving you visions of life.

This program will help you decide what are the most important areas of your life to focus on in order to REALLY GET CLEAR ON THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BECOME AND THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.

Remember you should not be obsessed with just the tiny slice of your life that school says is important… which is your career and your bank account.

Become The Author Of Your Best Life

SUJIVITA ADHYAYA is a book about you, created by you and for you. It’s a one-of-a-kind system for envisioning, planning, and achieving your personal vision of success in the 12 dimensions of life.

Through our workshop, you’ll be guided through every step of creating your own SA: a highly personal game plan that reveals who you really are, what you really want, and precisely how to realize your vision of your ultimate life.

Your SA, when completed, will become the most important book on your shelf. You’ll use it regularly to realign with your true calling, and consistently exemplify the actions, choices, and habits you would require and develop to achieve your biggest goals and your fullest potential.

Your SA gives you the freedom to create and live by the rules you create. It will give you the clarity and tools to design a magnificent life of authenticity, fulfilment, and continual growth.

Health & Fitness
Love Relationship
Quality of Life
Life Vision

What You'll Learn

A Beautiful, Crystal-Clear Vision of Your Life
Discover your strengths and weaknesses in the 12 dimensions of your life, set your goals for each one, and harmonize everything into a unified life vision that inspires and propels you forward.

How to Design a Truly Authentic Life
Break free from the rules and expectations imposed on you by others - and achieve a beautiful alignment with the person you want to be, and the life you want to live.

How to Develop Unbreakable Resilience
Harness your clarity of purpose and personal power to rise above the obstacles. Reinvent yourself and face challenging situations like career changes, health issues, and spiritual crises.

Strengthen Your Growth Mindset
Use your SA as a system that unifies all your personal growth tools and learnings into one action plan for each of your 12 dimensions of life: allowing you to live in a rhythm of perpetual growth and self-evolution.

Achieve Work-Life Balance
Never again feel forced to sacrifice one form of success for another, or neglect your career growth, family, or passions. Instead, design a life where every dimension of your being grows in harmony with the other.

Get More Done In Less Time
Overcome the habits, emotions and patterns that disrupt your productivity. Use your SA to stay aligned with your goals and no longer waste time on tasks that don’t help you get closer to your Life Vision.

Discover & Honour Your Passions
Break free from work, relationships, and lifestyle choices that don’t bring you happiness & joy. Develop clarity and courage to take the leap and follow your passions, spend time on what you love, and even reinvent yourself.

Accelerate Your Goal Achievement
Go far beyond traditional goal-setting methods, by creating a unified Life Vision that keeps you motivated and constantly achieving and challenging your goals. You’ll even use tools to measure your progress, and stay focused on the dimensions of life most important to your growth.

The Curriculum

Sujivita Adhyaya is a step-by-step process for envisioning, planning, and achieving your best life through your very own SA.

Through a curriculum of carefully designed sessions we will guide you through the 12 dimensions of your life - and help you create a unified vision for each one.

Throughout the process, you’ll unearth the hidden beliefs and subconscious patterns holding you back from achieving your fullest potential. Then, you’ll dive deep into your core identity and desires, as you gain unmatched clarity on what you really want in life, why you want it, and how you’re going to get it.

Health and Fitness & Intellectual Life

Your Health and Fitness

Explore your health and fitness from a totally new perspective, as you define exactly what you want, why you want it, and what you need to do to get it. During the first category, you’ll get familiar with the way the Program flows. This will set the rhythm of the remaining chapters.

Your Intellectual Life

It’s time to think about thinking! Your intellectual life holds the power to move you quickly and forcefully towards your life’s goals. By the end of this interactive session you’ll be feeling even more inspired and excited to be designing your life-consciously!

Emotional Life & Character

Your Emotional Life

Explore the nature of your emotions and discover how you can further enhance your emotional intelligence. You need to make your emotions work for you, instead of living in reaction mode. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with your fellow participants is a wonderful way to get even more out of this experience.

Your Character

This is the fundamental category that affects every other area of your life. During this deep exploration, you’ll define the person you want & need to become in order to achieve the life you desire. You’ll learn how to consciously choose the character traits you want to develop into your life and design a strategy for accomplishing that. The sky’s the limit in this category, so have fun.

Spiritual Life & Love Relationship

Your Spiritual Life

During this incredible journey into your spirituality you’ll examine, define and document your beliefs about life, the world, and your place in it. You’ll discover a strength within and gain a valuable new perspective on the purpose and meaning of your life.

Your Love Relationship

In this category, you’ll dive deep to define the values and expectations for your love life. You’ll gain clarity on what you really want in this area of your life and classify what steps you can take to create and nurture an extraordinary love relationship.

Parenting & Social Life

Your Parenting

An exploration for parents and non-parents alike, this is important because the future of the whole human race depends on us doing it right! Examining this category at a deeper level than ever before will yield amazing results.

Your Social Life

This is where you’ll thoughtfully evaluate your relationships with friends and extended family. You will understand which relationships are positive to your life and which ones drain you out. You’ll understand what actions you can take to strengthen your important relationships and what to do to let unhealthy relationships go.

Financial Life & Career

Your Financial Life

Here you’ll explore the true nature of money – what it is, where it comes from, and how wealth is actually created. This process of self-discovery will help you come to view yourself and your financial life in an entirely new way.

Your Career

Explore the meaning and rewards of a great career. Discover the pillars upon which a successful, fulfilling career is based. Learn strategies to take any career to a higher level – and make more money in the process!

Quality of Life & Life Vision

Your Quality of Life

This category will help you become crystal clear on how you wish to spend the hours, the days months and the years of your life. As you research into your Quality of Life you’ll discover how it can lead to rewarding spiritual, intellectual, and emotional advances and improve who you are as a human being.

Your Life Vision

In the 2 days you would have thought through your entire life, one category at a time. in this category you are going to EXPERIENCE the life you intend to create. We will Use a guided visualization exercise, and go on a journey to your future… So you can see, feel, touch, and taste it… Experience your life 5 years from now – crystal clear, vivid and compelling. After this exercise, you’ll have a newfound clarity for how you will live from this day forward.

Meet Your Trainer

With over 22 years of work experience, Vikaas has worked in the hospitality industry, outsourcing industry, education and learning & development. He has been an entrepreneur, failed and rebuilt his career. For the past 5 years he has refocused on workforce, management & leadership development. He began coaching 2 years back and is a member of International Association of Coaching & International Association of Facilitators.

He helps extraordinary people who have already achieve ‘amazing’ goals to achieve what still looks ‘impossible’ to them.

Vikaas believes in Heutagogy wherein he gets the participants involved in discussions instead of delivering lectures. He uses a participative and consultative training style and a variety of methods such as exercises, discussions and self-reflection to encourage experimentation, thinking and learning. His key questions to the learners are always "how will this benefit you" and "how are you going to use this?".

Vikaas is a Lead/Master Trainer associated with BCI & Credforce and has successfully conducted TTT program for BCI, Ministry of Skills Development, Sri Lanka and Ministry of ICT, Mauritius. He is also associated with various organisations for training their resources, including Autodesk, Redington India, Aditya Birla Group, Videocon, Electrolux, HDFC, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Inox Group, Gujarat Flurochemicals Limited, NSB BPO to name a few.

He is also a Six Sigma Consultant and consulted Electrolux India, Videocon and some SMEs on Process/Quality improvement.

Married for the last 15+ years and he has an amazing and naughty 8+ years old son. He loves to travel and has travelled a lot within India. His next target is travelling across the world once his son is old enough to stay alone with his grandparents.

He loves to read about anything as long as it interests him. He was a passionate cricketer, loves sports and plays badminton & squash. His next goal is to learn Golf.