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Thrive Hive – Group Acceleration Program

You are already successful but do you get this feeling that you are capable of much more?

Do you feel…

  – You are unable to create a vision

  – You are unable to move on to the next level and often feel stuck

  – You hold self-limiting beliefs and have trouble to achieve your highest potential

  – You are confused about your goals

  – You do not have a sound plan

  – You hold many fears

Make no mistake, it is not a skill issue or misfortune or lack of resources. The real issue is something far bigger.

It is lack of FOCUS & CLARITY.

The stepping stone of unprecedented success is…

Focus & Clarity

That’s true! You may have all the intent to achieve newer heights or achieve breakthrough in life but if you don’t have the absolute focus & clarity you would end up missing out the victories you deserve.

Thrive Hive – Group Acceleration Program helps you achieve this.

Focus & Clarity helps you achieve your grandest goals

When you have focus & clarity you also gain courage, conviction, and confidence.

With Thrive Hive Group Acceleration program you can

– Replace the patterns that have been holding you back and be absolutely clear with your goals and purpose

– Filter out contaminating thoughts, and develop a clear vision of what you want and

– Draw your own ‘game plan’ that would take you to the level you never thought was possible


Here is a brief list of what you will gain from the Thrive Hive Group Acceleration Program

  • Understanding the concepts and decoding the formula for attaining focus & Clarity.
  • Identifying growth barriers and understanding blame scenarios.
  • Understanding the choice of decide “Yes” or “No” with clear frame of mind.
  • The secrets of controlling your day & important activities 10x better.
  • Build ever lasting relationship with your Team, Client, Vendor & family.
  • Increased self-awareness of your own leadership style
  • A clear understanding of how you impact others, what works and what doesn’t
  • A practical and clear plan of next steps
  • Increased confidence, centeredness and certainty

Our Basic Coaching Framework for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Sr. Executives & Managers.

It is a 1-month long program which includes in-person (Virtual due to Covid situation) and online coaching. During this program you would attend…

Group Coaching
There will be 4 (four) Thrive Hive Group Coaching Sessions of 4-hour each. These would be Virtual till the time COVID situation improves.
Review Sessions
There will be 4 (four) group review video call session on for 2-hour each.
Personalized 1-1 Coaching
There will also be 4 (four) individual sessions of 1 hour each. During these sessions your coach Vikaas would help you get clarity on specific areas of your business and life.

Ready for the Breakthrough?

Next batch starts on

27th February 2021


In the Comfort of your Home/ Office (till Covid situation improves)

Your Investment

Coaching is an investment that can be returned many times over. When you change your self-talk and thoughts… your entire life changes!

The investment of Thrive Hive Acceleration Program is ₹23,000. Also, we filter the participants based of certain criteria that are important for your success in this program.

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